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This funny online game has been on everyone's lips for some time, and the exciting plot has caught so many young people since its release, including even celebrities and stars. So if you still do not know what Episode Choose Your Story is it's time to download it to your mobile device. It's available for Android and IOS, and you can play it for free from your mobile phone or your tablet. Start at once to create your virtual adventure.

Episode Choose Your Story is an entertaining game that combines all the fun of an online game with the creativity of creating stories, it is something like a way to create illustrated novels with characters, scenarios and other things that you can choose and change throughout the course of the story. The purpose of the game is to create an excellent story and share it with a large community of players, the more readers you have and the more score you give your account you can unlock new features and elements to catch the attention of even more players.

Although it is a free game and available to everyone, it has become very popular among young people since most of the stories, which may or may not be real, are about dating, friends, fashion and more. If you are a minor and you are interested in playing Episode Choose Your Story it is important that you check with your parents first and let them know what is happening inside the app. In some cases may appear contents not suitable for children, but do not worry it is a good and entertaining game.

A lot of people will read your stories

The community of writers and readers of this game is great and continues growing continuously, which is why you shouldn’t worry or make a big effort to get readers in your story. The important thing is to make an entertaining plot that draws a lot of drama to attract the attention of the readers. If you take the time to go through Episode Choose Your Story you will be able to realize the themes that draw the attention of the players and those that do not have much fame, this way you can choose a right theme for your own stories and thus gain more score.

In addition to sharing your stories within the game, there is the option to share certain details of it in the profiles of your social networks to gain more popularity and make your friends also start to play Episode Choose Your Story. You can also send invitations directly to your friends through the application to invite them to read your stories.

This game is ideal for children and young people who like to write. Parents should know that games like Episode Choose Your Story are perfect for encouraging young people's imagination in narrative writing, so if your child gets a lot of attention in this game it would be great to motivate them to start writing their own stories out of the game. It's a great way to get your child to learn things that can work for them in their professional lives from a young age.

Episode Choose Your Story is fantastic for readers and writers

If you aren’t rally attracted to written don’t worry, Episode Choose Your Story is not just for writers, it also gives teens the opportunity to read a lot of very entertaining stories from many different topics, from relationships and fashion to mystery stories and more. Of course, if you like all these stories you can risk writing your own and thus gain significant popularity within the game.

Many young people use this app as a kind of diary where they often relate the interesting things that happen in their lives. This thing is a good way to let them express themselves through creative writing, combining facts of reality with some other things that can get out of their imagination to make the story more attractive.

Some of these stories become popular within the game and get to have many readers actually attached to the drama and gossip of the story. Episode Choose Your Story is more than a game, it is a community of teenagers who share their lives and their thoughts in a very creative way, as I said before it could be an excellent way to encourage them to be amateur or professional writers. If your children like Episode Choose Your Story it's a good sign that he likes reading and writing and also interacting with other kids his age.

You will find some very famous stories in Episode Choose Your Story

Inside the game, many stories have become really popular and had a lot of followers. Remember when I said that some celebrities and music stars had their stories in the game? One of these stars is Demi Lovato who invites you to be a rock star with her in the two seasons of her history. Dare to be a rock star along with the singer of La la land.

Have you ever seen the famous teen movie Mean Girls? Another of the most famous stories from Episode Choose Your Story is just this, where you can be a student of the famous North Shore High School with the evil book, Regina George, and all the other characters in the film. In addition to that, you can live an amazing second part of the movie inside the game, with the second season of the story that takes place in college.

Other famous stories do not have to do with celebrity stars such as Campus Crush, which tells a story about the drama and love of a freshman college student. Others are inspiring stories that lead you to want to fulfill your dreams such as Real Hollywood, the story of a girl who comes to Los Angeles to fulfill their greatest fantasies of being famous.

Most stories revolve around friendships and high school romances or college where the girl or boy meets their soul mates, and they have great adventures along with their friends, just as is the case of My brother's best friend. You can also imagine that you are incredibly rich and famous with the Glamanour Heights history. The truth is that in Episode there are stories for all tastes, romance, adventures, action and more. Find the one you like best and go into the game as the protagonist of the story.

Are the gems so important for the game?

You'll be thinking what gems are needed inside the game, well, as in every video game you need coins or points to keep playing or get unique features inside the game. In the case of Episode Choose Your Story is no different. The points that are needed to continue playing are called gems.

To read a chapter of a story, you will need gems so every time you go through the chapter, you will be discounted the gems, in case you don’t have more gems you will have to wait for the gems to grow to continue reading the story. The gems within the game grow by themselves every day but as we said it is possible that in the middle of a good part of the story you get without passes, and you couldn’t continue reading, so how can you get more gems?

There is the option to buy gems for real money, but this is what we all avoid when playing any video game. We offer an excellent and completely free option to have gems and free passes with a very simple hack.

Learn how to do the hack for free gems and passes

As we have said, thinking about the problems that players have with the gems. We have created an excellent Episode Choose Your Story hack to have free gems and passes in a completely safe and unlimited way so that you never get without gems in the middle of a story and you can always continue the game without any interruption.

Unlike many other methods to get free gems and passes, with our hack your device will not run any risk of virus or slow down because you won’t need to download any type of apk or file to launch the hack. This code generator works completely online, and you only need to enter a link from the browser on your IOS or Android mobile device to have all the free gems and passes you need.

Automatically after entering the link will load in your account the maximum amount of gems and passes and the counter won’t lower the maximum even if you use your passes. You can use this tool as many times as you want and in how many devices you want. It is entirely free and unlimited use. Avoid spending real money by buying gems and get all you want with our Episode Choose Your Story game hack online tool.

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